Our Lifestyle Financial Planning Service isn’t for everyone

At Fraser Wealth Management we are committed to providing our clients with a very personal and professional service. Unfortunately this means we have to be very selective about who we take on as a new client.

Lifestyle Financial Planning is a process that enables you to take control of your own financial future. Regular reviews of your plan help to keep you on track to live the life you want to live. This process is typically only available to you if you have savings, investments and pensions valued in excess of £250,000. We only take on a small number of new clients each year to ensure we can continue to deliver the highest levels of service to all our existing clients.

Our new clients are mainly referred to us by our existing clients, often because the service we provide compares very favourably with the service they are currently receiving from their financial adviser. Feedback we have received from our clients tells us that they value our service very highly because we are personable, approachable, contactable and friendly. They are reassured that they can live the life they want to live because we work closely with them to help keep their plans on track.

If you have the financial resources to qualify for lifestyle financial planning and are looking for a company that puts its clients at the centre of everything it does, we would love to help you.