At Fraser Wealth Management we put our clients at the centre of everything we do and we will only recommend other services to our clients if we believe they will add value to our client relationship. We are happy to recommend Stackhouse Poland to our clients for advice on general insurance matters as the company has similar values to our own and specialises in advising high net worth clients. We insisted that we do not receive any financial benefit for this relationship as we want our clients to get the best possible value for money.

Stackhouse Poland is an award winning independent insurance broker ranked in the top 10 independent brokers in the UK and specialises in the following niche insurance areas:

  • Bespoke Private Client insurance design for individuals and their families
  • UK Real Estate
  • Healthcare (Group & Individual)
  • Specialist Commercial
  • Charity Sector

Private Client Insurance Audit

Most of Stackhouse Poland’s clients have multiple policies, spanning a variety of risks such as houses, art, jewellery, travel, cars and holiday homes. The insurance of such assets can be complex and is often managed in an uncoordinated fashion leading to:

  • Large gaps in cover and/or over duplication between different policies
  • Over paying
  • Difficulty in administering with numerous policies and differing renewal dates

Stackhouse Poland can help by offering a complimentary and detailed insurance audit, which normally results in the following significant benefits:

  • Consolidation of policies into a single global programme with one insurer, designed and serviced by Stackhouse Poland
  • Significant premium savings due to bulk buying discounts
  • Improvement in protection with the utilisation of specialist private client insurers.

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