We ask our clients this question following their Annual Forward Planning Meeting:

On a scale of 0 (low) to 10 (high), if a friend or colleague said they were looking for help with their financial affairs, how likely is it that you would recommend Fraser Wealth Management?

The average score is…10!!

We asked our clients…What do you value most about your relationship with us?

They said…

Trust, Reliable, Feeling of Security, Honesty, Personable

"The trust that we have with you"

"Being honest and approachable..."

Being honest and approachable in equal measures. Also, you have always taken great care of our investments with you and that makes us feel secure.

"...being managed by people we trust."

The feeling of security knowing our investments are being managed by people we trust.

"...give us confidence..."

That you care and give us confidence to make financial decisions.

"Honesty, level of expertise, professionalism"

"...we are dealing with a reliable company..."

Over the years we have satisfied ourselves that we are dealing with a reliable company and a good team in FWM.